WordPress 3.1 is out!

WordPress logoThe newest WordPress core update brings a ton of exciting new functionality. We’ll be posting tutorials on how to integrate these new features into your site, but for now here’s a quick breakdown:

Internal linking made easy: In the olden days (WordPress 3.0 and older), linking to posts and pages on your own site was a chore. You had to find the post, copy the link, paste it into your edit screen…

Not so anymore! The Link dialog in the Edit screen has been re-vamped; now, when you click the little chain-link icon in your editor, you’ll see a searchable list of all your posts and pages. Choose the one you want and it automatically populates the link information (as well as giving you the option of opening the link in a new page). Note: this only works in the visual editor. Sadface for people like me, who live in HTML view.

The Admin Bar: Taking its cue from WordPress.com, this update gives logged in users an admin bar at the top of their site, giving quick information on and access to comments, updates, stats and shortlinks. It also lets you quickly edit your page or add a new post without opening a new tab. Haters can disable the Admin Bar in your Profile options.

Introducing Post Formats: WordPress exhibits some Tumblr envy with the debut of Post Formats, which allow theme developers to bake in special styling for different types of posts.

Enhanced CMS capabilities: Ever wanted a special archive for a custom post type? Now you can have one. There’s also support for advanced taxonomy and custom fields queries.

Our little WordPress is growing up so fast! *wipes tear* Check back soon for new tutorials and more info.

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