WordPress 3.2: What’s New

WordPress 3.2 (“Gershwin”) has officially been released! This update includes some pretty big changes, so even if you’re not in the habit of backing up your WordPress installation before upgrading, you really should do it this time. Really. We mean it.

Done backing up yet? Good! Let’s get started.

The new Fullscreen Mode in the post editor provides a distraction-free writing space

Here’s some stuff you need to know about the newest version of WordPress:

  • Minimum requirements have changed. You’ll need PHP 5.2.4 or greater and MySQL 5.0.15 or greater.
  • IE 6 is no longer supported and IE 7 is being phased out.
  • There’s a new default theme (Twenty Eleven).
  • The Dashboard UI has been refreshed with a brand new look – it’s cleaner, easier on the eyes and sporting some slick typography updates.
  • The ‘Press This’ bookmarklet has a new UI as well.
  • When creating a post, you can now enter fullscreen mode, a gorgeously distraction-free space that lets you concentrate on writing.

There are a bunch of updates to the core files as well, making WordPress much lighter and faster-loading.

For a full breakdown of the new features, check out the Codex.

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