WordPress 3.3 is Out!

The folks at WordPress have an early holiday present for us: WordPress 3.3! Check out our image gallery to see some of what’s new:

The first hint that something new is afoot comes right after you run the update: instead of the usual “You’re running the latest version of WordPress” message, you’ll see a handy welcome screen that gives you an overview of all the new features in 3.3.

If you’ve been feeling ho-hum about the WordPress admin dashboard, get ready to celebrate. This update completely re-thinks the Dashboard UI, adding flyout menus, a persistent admin toolbar at the top of every screen, and help tabs everywhere you need them.

The post editing tools have been updated as well; one of the most significant is the media uploader, which now features a single icon instead of an icon for each content type. This makes perfect sense, and is a welcome change – though it may be jarring if you’re used to picking a content type before you upload! If you use Tumblr, you’ll be pleased to note that there’s now an easy way to import your Tumblog into WordPress. Hint: use a theme with Post Formats to make the transition as seamless as possible.

There have been some behind-the-scenes updates as well: permalink options have been updated, jQuery has been updated to 1.7.1, and there’s a new API for working with admin screens.

Have you updated yet? Get cracking! And let us know your thoughts on the new version in the comments.

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