I’m Internet Famous (and other lies my stats told me)

Stats can be a great way to keep tabs on how much traffic your site it getting, but remember to take them with a grain of salt.

Different tracking programs register hits in different ways. For example, WordPress.com stats (like the ones I have on this very site) will very helpfully tell you that they don’t count your own visits to your site in your total daily views…but if you’re checking your site from a different browser (or a different device, like your iPad) then all those obsessive clicks to see if your comment count has updated will cause your view count to soar to the stratosphere.

Some stats programs can be configured to ignore all views from your IP address, which can take care of the multiple browsers/devices problem…but if you take a look at some of your site visitors you may notice things called bots or spiders. Those are search engines crawling your site, and they are extremely unlikely to comment to tell you how brilliant you are. Being largely composed of algorithms, bots and spiders just want to make sure your content is relevant.

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